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At KEMSI we need to consider the ever-changing external environment in which we operate, whether it be climate, politics, economics, cultural, technological, or other factors which may affect our growth. As climate change becomes a reality, businesses find themselves coming to terms with carbon tax, where previously firms had focused their concerns on fluctuating electricity tariffs or perhaps a lack of stable electricity supply.
We consider everything – from the environment right through to your operational costs and bottom line. We focus on engineering and constructing specialized energy solutions that are custom designed to your unique needs. Our products are optimized to the benefits of our clients. Not only do we build innovative energy solutions, but we also offer operational and maintenance services with output guarantees, so you can focus on your core day to day activities while we ensure you receive a healthy return on investment.

KEMSI Engineering Promotes Clean Energy
LED solar street lighting
Power Factor Correction
KEMSI Engineering Provides end to end construction of telecommunications infrastracture
Maintenance Of VRMS Vertical Roller Mills